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Get Caught Reading!

Now is a great time to enjoy reading at home with your families. So, what have you been reading in lockdown? We want to know, whether it's your favourite story, a non-fiction text or some poetry. 

Here's some fabulous readers who have been caught reading


Here, Tommy is reading his favourite book “Starwars Treasury Stories” to his grandma (Annma) via facetime. He has been doing this everyday and it was his idea to spend time with his grandma and enjoy his reading in this way. 

Brilliant, Tommy! What a lovely idea - maybe you could read on facetime to a friend or family member too? 

Jack has been very busy reading lots of fiction books: a very impressive tower. Sometimes, we has read more than one book a day! Fantastic reading Jack. Well done! 


Toby has been caught reading at home. He's enjoying a magazine in this photograph. Well done Toby! 

Another one of our fantastic readers is Olivia, who has been getting into her book at home.